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Floral Painting 
Live Event Painting 
Customized Temple/Venue Painting 

Make your wedding memorable with a live wedding painter.  This wedding trend is sweeping the nation, but is relatively new in Utah.  Be one of the firsts brides in Utah to have this unique form of entertainment at your wedding.  With years of experience as a painter and a degree in art, Lyssa uses her talents to capture the moment and mood of your wedding.   She sets up her easel at your reception and paints as the evening progresses.  She also specializes in LDS temple paintings and bridal bouquet paintings, painted right there at your wedding reception.  Remember your wedding forever with a beautiful impressionist painting.  This special keepsake will be cherished for generations to come.  Copies of the painting can also be turned into thank you cards for a personalized wedding gift for your guests. 


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