Lyssa arrives 2-3 hours before your guests to lay down the setting and mood of your venue.

She paints for 4-5 hours while your guests watch in awe. 

Afterwards it is taken back to the studio for final touch-ups and delivered to you in 2-4 weeks

Color Paint Palette

Prices are based on a flat rate depending on the unframed canvas size.


Examples of sizes and prices:

18 x 24 =$550

24 x 30 = $700

36 x 48 =$950


If travel is involved, expenses may also include: flight/mileage, transportation, lodging, and meals. 


Lyssa has been teaching art for over 10 years and has been making art her whole life.  She finds inspiration in nature and is an avid hiker, biker, and explorer.

Though Lyssa is a Colorado Native, she has spent much of her life traveling the country and the world.  Lyssa speaks Spanish after living in Latin America. She takes her love of the arts to children and adults everywhere she goes.