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Live painting is new to Utah

After covid postponed so many weddings during 2020, the next two years are predicted to be very busy years for weddings. Wondering how to make your wedding stand out from all the other Utah weddings in 2021 or 2022? A live painter is a great way to make your wedding memorable for you and your guests. Live painting is a form of entertainment for your guests. Your guests will love watching a personalized painting be created throughout the evening, and at the end of the day you get a beautiful impressionistic painting created by an artist there on-site, capturing not only the event, but the mood and magic of it all.

This trend is very popular on the east and west coast and most live painters are completely booked already. Utah has not quite caught on to the trend and very few bride's have even heard of live wedding painting. I just recently started painting in Utah after moving here from Colorado, so fortunately, my calendar still has availability.

What makes me the perfect live painter?

I have studied and taught art for over 20 years. My unique style of impressionist painting along with my ability to paint fast is perfect for live painting. I can complete an entire painting in just a few hours. I am also very social and love interacting with people. It's so fun to talk to all the wedding guests as I paint and share with them my talent. I am also open to any and all kinds of ceremonies, weddings, parties and preferences. I love painting LDS temples, as well as any other church, mountain, lake, concert hall or wherever you might be saying "I do". Whether you are black, brown, white, green, yellow or glitter rainbow, I enjoy painting everyone. I find beauty in love, no matter what form. If you'd like to have your furry friends, or any kind of pet, in the painting, I can do that too.

I can work from photos, or paint the scene of your wedding venue. I capture your special first dance or the ceremony with a camera and work from that photo throughout the evening.

A live painter will make your wedding memorable, and you can remember your wedding forever with a painting. Message me for more information if you are interested in having a live painter at your wedding.


Lyssa, the Utah Wedding Painter

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