• Lyssa Shurtleff

Lyssa got married!

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

This last year has been a busy year for me! My husband and I decided to elope last July! I highly recommend eloping. We were able to have a very intimate ceremony in the beautiful Ogden Botanical gardens. It made our love the center of the event.

But then, who doesn't want to have a party to celebrate? My hubby and I decided to have a Day of the Dead themed wedding celebration a few months later, cause what's more fun than skeletons and flowers and dancing?!

We created a Dia de Los Muertos shrine to remember our past relatives and their marriages; complete with skeletons, candles and marigolds.

Instead of a cake we had Sugar Mill Treats create skeleton cookies. They were adorable and delicious!

Flower Tribe did our flowers and they were gorgeous! Exactly how I wanted them! Would you believe I got my dress at a thrift store in Salt Lake City? I shopped and shopped but couldn't find what I was looking for and on a whim I went to a thrift shop in Sugarhouse called Uptown Cheapskate. What a find!

We danced and laughed and ate yummy tacos from Torchy's and homemade horchata. It was laid back and fun, but still beautiful and meaningful.

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