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What is live wedding painting?

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"It's no secret that wedding photo booths are getting played out these days. Sure, they're still super fun but it's pretty much been there, done that. Capturing the excitement and romance of the day is essential for any wedding reception—but before there was the camera, there was a painter.

What Is Live Painting? Live painting is a form of "plein air" (outdoors) painting used to capture a special moment during the wedding. A professional live painter or artist brings his or her own canvas and art supplies to paint a scene in real-time at the wedding.

"Not only does the painting end up being a favorite wedding keepsake or heirloom, but having a live artist at your wedding ends up being a unique form of entertainment for your guests in attendance," says Brittany Branson, a destination live wedding painter. Sure, most weddings still have a photographer in addition to the live painter (after all, portraits take a lot longer than a quick photo) but these portraits can often capture very special and intimate moments that a photograph cannot.

BRIDE'S TIP: Beyond having a custom piece of artwork to hang in your home and cherish for years to come, it's also a once-in-a-lifetime experience—one that you, your partner, your family, and guests will be able to witness firsthand."

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