• Lyssa Shurtleff

Your Temple, Your flowers

Anyone who's been married in the temple knows how special it is to have a painting or picture of that temple in your home to remind you of what happened on that special day. I'm excited to offer a customized painting of your temple, adorned with the flowers from your bouquet on your wedding day. This will be a cherished piece of art in your family for generations.

If your wedding is coming up, I can paint it live at your reception. I paint the basic structure of the temple in my studio before the wedding, and then add the final details and the flowers live as your guests watch in awe. Your friends and family will be amazed to see the creative process as it comes together throughout the event.

Whether your wedding has already happened, is coming up or if you would like to give this as a gift to a special someone, make an appointment today and we can discuss the details of your future personalized painting.

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